Are you an automatic photo booth?

No.  We are very much an interactive photos booth. Why let a robot pick your best moments?  We help you choose your props for you and your pup, pose you, and get your pup's attention.

It's like having a mini photo studio at your event

Do you work with charities and rescues?

Yes!  We love working with local charities and rescues.

We donate an hour in addition to any package and collaborate for pop-up fundraisers!  Message us for more details.

Why does it take 48 hours to get my photos?

We take 48 hours to post-process our images.  We remove leashes, private information on dog tags, and other distractions. Often we will need to do a head or face swap to help create a fun capture.

Can I have wag booth in my home for a pawty?

Yes.  We have a process that allows us to come to your place of residence.  Please message us for details.

How do I pick a theme?

You let us know at the time of your inquiry.

Do you have vegan dog treats?

Yes, we do!  We always ask the owner about dietary restrictions before we have them sit for a photo.


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